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Generate more leads from your cold email lists

Skip the busywork

On average, it takes 7+ touches to convert a prospect. It can drive anyone crazy. Use LeadCooker to automate it and take your day back.

Use the right tools

Sales is very different from Marketing.
Marketing communication is always one-to-many. When it comes to email, marketers use eye-catching templates with lots of images, slick fonts and sophisticated formatting trying to increase impact and drive conversion.
To the contrary, Sales is all about one-on-one communication. People buy from people and that is why sales emails should look and feel human: short, sweet and to the point. And of course no banners and annoying CTA buttons! With sales emails, you drive conversion with the right wording, right content and the right time.

Personalize everything

As mentioned before, personalization boosts conversion rates.
Personalize your Subject lines to increase Open Rate. Increase Reply Rate by using personalized questions and other CTAs. No one wants to feel like being a line in the mailing list.

Customize your approach

Divide your contacts in smaller groups (called segments) according to the info you have about them. Gender, Location, Languege, Age - anything you might have. Link the segments to your Buyer Personas and customize value proposintion and other wording to make your messages more relevant and increase conversion rate even more.

Use event-based triggers

Why should you limit yourself to the commonly-used “IfNotReplied” trigger to send a follow-up email?
There's plenty of triggers avalible for you in the LeadCooker app. Want to send a message to those who clicked a link but did not reply? No problem, we've got you covered!

Build Smart Cadences

With the LeadCooker app you can build prospecting cadances like a Pro. Choose and mix any trigger types, modify segments on the fly with smart tagging and much more...

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in 3 simple steps

1 Import your contacts

Just find new contacts and manage it using simple interface.

You can try powerful import manager to add or update your contacts database. After that use contacts manager and set it up on autopilot.

How to get it done?

2 Check the funnel

You can schedule messages.

Setup follow-ups and create an automated series of messages that engages with your prospects while you keep it personal.

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3 Get leads to inbox!

Check out results & messages, improve them if needed.

Track each email when it's delivered, opened, clicked or replied. Use this data to plan or optimize sales/business logic of your funnel.

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What people say

  • “ We have been actively using LeadCooker during our 2015 recruiting campaign to invite people from our mail list to our open events. ”

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    • Pavel Pravdin
      Welltory Inc.
  • “ Using LeadCooker we have planned several campaigns with different pitches and different segments. It worked perfectly for us. ”

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    • Alexander Alhoff
      Head of Marketing at Evapolar
  • “ I use LeadCooker to get feedback from our active users after each release and send updates of our system to customers. ”

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    • Daniel Pavluchkov
      CEO and founder at Mailburn

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