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LeadCooker Intro

Common issues with sales and marketing

Sounds familiar?

Sales automation

89% of salespeople give up too early. On average, it takes 7+ touches to convert your prospect. It can drive you crazy. Automate it.

71% leads are lost because sales people don't follow-up fast enough. Become the fastest superhero.

Marketing automation

29% is average email open rate. Are you OK with that? With personal emails you can reach 2X better conversions!

45% of all email go to spam folder. Don't let your sales emails end up like this.

LeadCooker closes the gap between sales and marketing.

Check out how we can help with

  • Inbound sales
  • Outbound sales
  • Account Management
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising
  • Target advertising
  • Communication
  • Event management
  • Help & support
  • Polls & research
  • Meetings
  • Pipeline & To-Do
  • Notifications
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LeadCooker as it is

in 3 simple steps

1 Import your contacts

Just find new contacts and manage it using simple interface.

You can try powerful import manager to add or update your contacts database. After that use contacts manager and set it up on autopilot.

How to get it done?

2 Check the funnel

You can schedule messages.

Setup follow-ups and create an automated series of messages that engages with your prospects while you keep it personal.

Create my first one

3 Get leads to inbox!

Check out results & messages, improve them if needed.

Track each email when it's delivered, opened, clicked or replied. Use this data to plan or optimize sales/business logic of your funnel.

I'm gonna try it right now

What people say

  • “ We have been actively using LeadCooker during our 2015 recruiting campaign to invite people from our mail list to our open events. ”

    Author image
    • Pavel Pravdin
      Welltory Inc.
  • “ Using LeadCooker we have planned several campaigns with different pitches and different segments. It worked perfectly for us. ”

    Author image
    • Alexander Alhoff
      Head of Marketing at Evapolar
  • “ I use LeadCooker to get feedback from our active users after each release and send updates of our system to customers. ”

    Author image
    • Daniel Pavluchkov
      CEO and founder at Mailburn

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