Cold emailing is boring ?

Let the robot ? do it for you

All-in-one Gmail automation

Send the right messages ? At the right time ? Grow response rate ? Grow sales ?

Get maximum replies from bulk email lists

Want your emails to look like it manually crafted by you personally to every contact in your list without spending a time?  We’re PRO in it!


Personal Gmail automation

Automation runs using your Gmail account. All emails will be sent from it.

Get to inbox folder

Emails sent from personal account have much more chances to get to the INBOX folder

Personalize everything

Increase Reply Rate by using personalized questions and other CTAs

Use email cadances

To achieve maximum results you need make in average 7+ touches to every contact. You can easely automate it with our app.

Event triggers

Want to send a message to those who clicked a link but did not reply? No problem – there’s plenty of triggers in the app.

Control your bounce rate limits

Because you use your personal account, a decision about bounce rate limits are on your side and responsibility.

How do I start?

Get leads to inbox

Check out results & messages, improve them if needed.

Track each email when it’s delivered, opened, clicked or replied. Use this data to plan or optimize sales/business logic of your funnel.

Sign Up to the LeadCooker App

To sign up you need a Gmail account. You’ll be provided with Google account permissions screen to allow our App to send messages from your account.

Create auto-messages

You can schedule messages. Setup follow-ups and create an automated series of messages that engage with your prospects while you keep it personal.

Import contacts you want to prospect

You can try powerful import manager to add or update your contacts database. After that use contacts manager and set it up on autopilot.

Does it work for me?

LeadCooker works best for those who want to get an action from a list of contacts. Usually, it takes from 6 to 9 emails. We help to automate this flow.

Choose the right tool

It’s so much difference between sales & marketing emails. It’s no surprise how poor results people get using email marketing tools for cold emailing (prospecting). Marketers use eye-catching templates with lots of images, slick fonts and sophisticated formatting trying to increase impact and drive conversion. All that things simply doesn’t work for cold sales emails. 

You can achieve much better results with cold emailing if you use the right tool.
It’s not easy to keep sending emails if you didn’t get a reply after a couple of it. Automate it!

Reach out personally

Sales are all about one-on-one communication. People buy from people and that is why sales emails should look and feel human: short, sweet and to the point. And of course no banners and annoying CTA buttons! With sales emails, you drive conversion with the right wording, the right content and the right time.

Be smart with your CTA in cold emailing. It’s critical not to overpush with that.
People buy from people and that is why sales emails should look and feel human.

What people say

We’re happy to share the experience that our users have today. Join these and whole bunch of other happy clients today, try LeadCooker for Free!

We have been actively using LeadCooker during our 2017 recruiting campaign to invite people from our mail list to our open events Leonid Kalneus

Team Lead, GDG

I use LeadCooker to get feedback from our active users after each release and send updates of our system to customers Daniel Pavluchkov

CEO, Mailburn

Using LeadCooker we have planned several campaigns with different pitches and different segments. It worked perfectly for us Alexander Alhoff

Head of Sales, Evapolar

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