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What is LeadCooker?

You’ve met useful tool to prospect your cold leads 10X times faster and in much more productive way. Will it change your sales flow to a better way?

No doubt!

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Meet our executive team

Igor Ozherelyev


Evgeny Grigorev


Jane Smorodnikova


Max Rydlev

VP of Sales


  • 2015, July LeadCooker idea was born by Jane & Evgeny
  • 2015, October LeadCooker v1.0 Launched
  • 2016, January First $2000 MRR achieved
  • 2016, February Critical amount of feedback was collected
  • 2016, May Team made decision of creating new version
  • 2016, September Igor and Leonid joined as Co-Founders
  • 2017, March All team members became a full-time employee
  • 2017, May LeadCooker Inc. was formed
  • 2017, August LeadCooker v.2.0 Launched

The LeadCooker was founded in 2015 as a side project. It is privately-owned, distributed company based in The San-Francisco, CA.

Start date

The first version of the app was launched in late 2015. We collected a lot of data and feedback from our customers, and in the middle of the 2016, we started to develop the new version of our product. For the last past year, we’ve been working hard to make our product become a reality.

Now we’re a team of 10 people, and we are at the beginning of our journey with the brand new 2.0 version of LeadCooker app.

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