Want to boost your sales with email outreach? LeadCooker is the tool you definitely need ?

LeadCooker is Cloud-based All-In-One Gmail automation for productive cold emailing.

Powerful import feature

Use the powerful import manager to upload your contacts in two simple steps. There are plenty CSV-codecs supported in LeadCooker app. You can also manage table columns that you want to import right from the import menu.

Contact filters and segments

Divide your contacts into smaller groups using in-app filters and tags, save these adjustments as a segment to build smartly automated email cadence.


It’s the core feature of LeadCooker app. With this tool, you can automatically send personalized emails to the right contacts, at the right moment, right from your Gmail account.


Reply qualification tool

Since recently we automate not only emails sendings – we offer the great tool to manage replies. You can qualify it right from the app and manage contacts base on this actions.

Handy contacts statuses

It’s so easy to work with any contacts in LeadCooker app. You can always see the current status of every contact, filter and manage it as you want.

Smart email cadences

Need to build multi-branched email cadence with many event triggers like “If email is Opened but it’s No Reply for 2 days -Than Send email XYZ”? You can work with it easily.

Personalization tags

You can easily personalize your emails to increase prospecting results.

"What you don’t have is some sort of repeatable system to drive growth"

– Aaron Ross

Ready to boost your outreach?

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