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How does it work?

Core things

Manage your contacts

All you have to do is get the list of prospects and reach out to them at scale, but personally. Use the powerful import manager to to manage your lists.

Create Auto actions

Setup follow-ups and create automated series of messages that engages with your prospects while you keep it personal.

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Create Manual actions

Don't need sales cadences or sophisticated email chains? No problem! Reach out to your audience with a 'Manual message' in 1 click.

Create To-Do tasks

Integrate phone calls and other human tasks in your sales cadence. Let your sales team know the best time to contact the prospects and your conversion will soar!

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Setup schedules and timing

Use smart scheduling to control the process. Perform the right actions at the right time to increase the impact.

Setup daily sending limits

Set your own sending limits. Comply with your company's communication guidelines.

Main questions

Can I cancel my subscription plan when I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time using the dashboard or via email. Once you have canceled, you’ll still have access to your plan until the end of your subscription month.

What’s the difference between Gmail and Google Apps for Business account?

That’s simple. For LeadCooker, the main difference is the daily sending limit. If you’re on a free Gmail account, choose the Personal plan and send up to 100 emails daily. If you’re a G Suite customer, our Business plan is the option for you. Send as much as 2000 emails daily or choose your own limit within this range. Learn more

Do you have money back guarantee?

Yes. You can send notification to support@leadcooker.com in 30 calendar days if you want to get money back. Your payment will be refunded via PayPal system (learn how it works) according to method you payed for the service.

Can I send 10000 emails or more daily?

No. LeadCooker is not a spam machine and not a marketing automation tool, either. We provide sales teams the opportunity to reach out to their prospects at scale, but personally and individually. Consider checking out this article before you start. Or, feel free to drop us a line at support@leadcooker.com

LeadCooker closes the gap between sales and marketing.

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  • Inbound sales
  • Outbound sales
  • Account Management
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising
  • Target advertising
  • Communication
  • Event management
  • Help & support
  • Polls & research
  • Meetings
  • Pipeline & To-Do
  • Notifications
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We are in BETA mode

LeadCooker is in Beta till Q4 2017. Keep it in mind please.

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