Choose a Plan That Works For You!

Get maximum replies from bulk email lists

Want your emails to look like it manually crafted by you personally to every contact in your list without spending a time?  We’re PRO in it!

Personal gmail automation

Automation runs using your Gmail account. All emails will be sent from it.

Get to inbox folder

Emails sent from personal account have much more chances to get to the INBOX folder

Personalize everything

Increase Reply Rate by using personalized questions and other CTAs

Use email cadances

To achieve maximum results you need make in average 7+ touches to every contact. You can easely automate it with our app.

Event triggers

Want to send a message to those who clicked a link but did not reply? No problem – there’s plenty of triggers in the app.

Control your bounce rate limits

Because you use your personal account, a decision about bounce rate limits are on your side and responsibility.

Ready to boost your outreach?

We offer 14-day free trial for all customers on all plans. So why not to try LeadCooker right now?



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